Terri Topmiller

I was born in 1950 in Boise, ID, and lived most of my life in the area around Boise. I have one sister (Deb) and one brother (Jim). After graduating from Weiser High School, I joined the Navy and became a Navy Corpswave (medic). I was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Hospital where I mostly dealt with dependents of active military and veterans who were hospitalized there. While working there, I met my husband, Bob, a Vietnam veteran, and we were married while I was still there. When I was discharged, we moved back to Idaho where our four children, Chris, Kevin, Rob, and Jamie, were born.

I moved around because of my husband’s job, and have lived in many different places. At the time, I considered all that moving a hardship. Now, I look back and realize it was a gift. I have friends in lots of different places all around the world.

Later in my life, when my kids were mostly grown, I moved to Kentucky so my husband could finish a PhD. Afterward, we moved to Seoul, South Korea. South Korea was a wonderful culture in which to immerse myself for a year. I loved my year there, teaching English as a Second Language. After leaving Seoul, we moved back to Kentucky where Bob taught, and I got a job, at the University of Kentucky. The University was a wonderful experience for me where the atmosphere was exciting and energizing. However, nothing lasts forever and my husband passed away in 2008 and I eventually moved back to Idaho via Alaska.

I have a very good life now. My kids are grown with families of their own and I have seven awesome grandchildren. I have been able to travel and enjoy my life and consider myself to be very blessed. When I think about my life, I realize that although it hasn’t been ideal at times, I have had many experiences that some of my acquaintances can only dream about. I have traveled to Asia and Europe; I have been in just about every state in the U.S., driven through most of them by myself. I have a nice home and food to eat. I am loved by my friends and family, and who can ask for more than that.