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Brian Crowdson


Brian Crowdson is a video producer and owner of Crowdson Creative Video Marketing in Springfield, Illinois.

He has over 25 years experience as a videographer, editor, writer, and producer. Prior to starting Crowdson Creative, Brian worked as Production Manager and Producer for Springfield’s previous cable systems (Comcast, Times-Mirror, Cox, TCI, AT&T & Insight), producing literally thousands of television commercials for local businesses. He has also worked for numerous other companies, including news stations WLS, WICS and WAND, AMA Motorsports, KOST Broadcast, ESPN, Advanced Audio Video, St. George Productions, SIU School of Medicine, WSEC-TV, WILL-TV and many others.

Brian is currently working on a documentary on the 1908 Race Riot in Springfield, Illinois, that led to the formation of the NAACP. You can follow his progress at