Our Team


Betty Rodgers

Executive Producer/Director

Co-producer Betty Rodgers comes from a long line of military veterans, and was born to a mother who appreciated and recorded their stories. In 1985, Betty married a Vietnam Veteran … Read More

Ken Rodgers

Executive Producer/Director

Co-Producer Ken Rodgers is a Marine and Vietnam Veteran who knows from firsthand experience the load of combat related issues that veterans bring home to their wives and families. Ken … Read More

Jennifer Isenhart


Writer/Producer at Wide Eye Productions in Boise, Idaho. Jennifer has ushered dozens of projects from concept, through production, to completion—from Emmy award winning documentaries, to educational children’s programs, to brand … Read More

Norma Jaeger

Executive Producer

“These moving, untold and unheard stories are an important part of our collective history and deserve to be shared and preserved. I am honored to be a part of this … Read More

Mike Shipman

Associate Producer and Graphic Designer

Mike Shipman is a freelance photographer, writer, instructor, and designer. He has always been interested in art and science. His clients include Orvis, PDX Magazine, High Country News, AAA Magazine, … Read More

Carol Caldwell-Ewart

Associate Producer

Carol Caldwell-Ewart is a writer and editor and long-time friend of Betty and Ken Rodgers and supporter of their creative efforts. “As Associate Producer on Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor, … Read More

John Nutt


  John Nutt is a sound and film editor who has to his credit over 60 feature films, including Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, and Amadeus for which he was awarded … Read More

Sarah Baker


Sarah Baker is a “blue-eyed soul” singer, songwriter, composer and pianist who has landed international radio airplay and performed on concert stages with legendary artists ranging from Etta James to Tom … Read More

Bill Krumm


“It is often said that we’re happiest when we live in the moment. I’m lucky. Photography is all about the moment.” Bill Krumm has enjoyed a stellar career in television … Read More

Brian Crowdson


Brian Crowdson is a video producer and owner of Crowdson Creative Video Marketing in Springfield, Illinois. He has over 25 years experience as a videographer, editor, writer, and producer. Prior … Read More