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Dougherty Family Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County

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Robert Douglass

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Barbara Evans

Tom and Evelyn Ford

Jocelyn and Jack Gardner

Norma and Carle Goyen

Sharon Haldane

Barry Hart

Jean Hegland and                     Douglas Fisher

Roger and Carol Hooper

Donald Hosford

Michael and Linda Hosford

Norma and Jerry Jaeger

Bruce and Francine Jones

Grove and Maggie Koger

Marianne Konvalinka

Penelope La Montagne

Margo Metegrano

Brian Meyer

Janice Morikawa

Trisha and Leland Nelson

Michael E. O'Hara

Susan Parker

Sue and John Paul

Betty and Lee Plevney

Anthony Shepard

Marianne and Dennis Stanke

Star Garnet Media -           Robert Vestal and Jyl Hoyt

Jim Taylor

Amanda and Mike Turner

VFW Post 1677 Auxiliary

Scott Washburn

Allen and Valerie Wilder

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Elaine Ambrose

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Jerry Brooks

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Elizabeth Cramer and Jewel Stewart

Chuck Dennis

Jeri Dobrowski

Paul H. Draznin

Heidi Egerman and John Sword

Sarah Ellsworth

Mary and Roger Engle

Michelle and Louis Erste

Erin Ewart

Siobhan Fallon

Andrew Feiler

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Erin Galloway

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Mary Angela Goyen

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Lisa Hanchette

Terry Harmon

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Jennifer Holley

Bob Hood

Jerry and Norma Jaeger

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Joan and Doug Johnston

Scott Johnson

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Francine Jones

Drew and Nancy Kelly

Lou Kern

Linda Kirkpatrick

Grove Koger

Marianne Konvalinka

Patricia and John Koskinen

Michael Kroth

Gretchen Larson

Steve Longo

Melanie MacLean

Zachary and Molly MacLean

Michael Maddox

Tom and Jean Maddox

Chris Manning

Mike and Vicki Masterson

Barbara McClain

Patricia Ann McNair

Milton McNeely

Margo Metegrano

Palmer Miller, III

Vanessa Murray

Leland and Trisha Nelson

Nancy Norton

Ron Odom

Butch and Gina Paddock

Susan Pierce

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Malia Plevney

Vess Quinlan

Frances Rae

Galen Rodgers

Jennifer Sheldon

Mike Shipman

Pam Tallmadge

Michael Tetrault

David Thimmesh

Lance and Pamela Thompson

Julie Titone

Marty and Jann Todd

Terri Topmiller

Linda Unemori

James Vick

Anita Villegas

Terry Wright

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