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I Married the War is complete, but the work continues. Our job now is to be sure the film is seen by all the people it can help. We have the potential to reach thousands--if not millions--of spouses and family members who have experienced the aftereffects of war coming home with our veterans. The film offers encouragement to those spouses and families, demonstrating they are not alone in learning to adapt to the physical and mental injuries brought home from the battlefield.

The broader public, which may have little direct experience with war and its aftermath, will gain an understanding that war doesn't necessarily end when the fighting stops. I Married the War is also relevant to anyone living with a loved one who has experienced major trauma. It will speak to mental health advocates, first responders, those in the legal profession, and so many more.

It is imperative we reach these people. There are ongoing costs involved with outreach, distribution, website maintenance, and other overhead. Your support now will be a powerful force in this important effort.

Acknowledging your participation, your name will be listed here on our Friends page unless you ask to remain anonymous. We will keep you informed about progress on the film and you will receive an invitation to showings in your area when we can again host public screenings. Supporters giving $50 or more will receive a DVD of I Married the War if you include your complete mailing address.

Together, with your financial support, we can continue to foster dialogue and enlighten the wider public about the many important issues of war, veterans, and their families. Thank you for helping to make that possible.

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