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The superb interviews are complete. Eleven wives of combat veterans from several conflicts in American history have told their stories. I Married the War is now at the last step of musical composition before we begin the final post-processing that will make it ready for distribution. So we are not done yet. Your support is still needed to finish this important film.

I Married the War has the potential to help thousands–if not millions–of spouses who have experienced the after effects of war returning home with our veterans. The film offers encouragement to those spouses and families, demonstrating they are not alone in learning to adapt to the physical and mental injuries brought home from the battlefield. The broader public, which may have little direct experience with war and its aftermath, will also gain an understanding that war doesn’t necessarily end when the fighting stops. Your support now will be a powerful force in this important effort.

Acknowledging your participation, your name will be listed here on our Friends page unless you ask to remain anonymous. We will keep you informed about progress on the film and you will receive an invitation to showings in your area when we can again host public screenings. Donors giving $50 or more will receive a DVD of I Married the War.

Together, with your financial support, we can continue our work to open dialogue and enlighten the wider public about the many important issues of war, veterans, and their families. Thank you for helping to make that possible.

There are two ways to donate:

1) Donate to our current Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to complete post production and distribute the film. You can do this by clicking on the campaign banner below. You can support this campaign at several levels, and each level comes with its own perk, such as DVDs, online chat with the film team, VIP Premiere Tickets, and more. To contribute and receive a perk, click on the perk and support level description on the right side of the campaign page after you click on the banner below.

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2) Or by mail:  

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Thank you for coming on board to give voice to this unheralded segment of our population! Your support makes this work possible.

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