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The month ahead is full of activity for I Married the War and the team!

Thursday, September 28, the film is featured in a special event in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The evening starts at 6 PM with a resource fair, the program begins at 7 PM, followed by a Q&A with Carman Hinson, whose story is in the film. She will share “the rest of the story – 2023.” Others on the panel include a couple from the local community who can speak to life with a loved one who has experienced major trauma. You will also meet the organizers of the event, Norma Jaeger, Nancy Howard, and their team, and filmmakers Betty and Ken Rodgers.

Admission is free, but tickets are required. You can order them online at this link, or at the door. Bring a friend. Bring ten friends! Location is the Shilo Inn Idaho Falls, 780 Lindsay Boulevard.

This free-moving and encouraging evening will cast a bright light on a story too seldom told. Men go to war, but when they return home, the war may come with them. There may be physical injuries, there may be invisible scars, and these impacts will have profound effects on their partners and their families. Support is available. Healing is available. Community resources can make a real difference. This film-festival-honored film tells this story through the voices of 11 wives of warriors, across multiple arenas of war and conflict, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. This is our history. It is your mother’s history, your sister’s history, your history. Effects of Post Traumatic Stress resonate with other responders too: police, firefighters, paramedics, and beyond to anyone who has experienced major trauma. The parallels will be clear. This film is showing this month in honor of National Recovery Month which affirms: Recovery Happens.

You are welcome to print the poster or share it electronically.

And there’s more!
Stay tuned for details about seeing I Married the War at:
Boise State University’s Osher Institute on October 2, discussion on Oct 3
The New Bijou Theater in Beach, North Dakota in a double feature with Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor on October 17
The Fargo Air Museum in Fargo, North Dakota on October 19
The YES Film Festival 2023, Oct 27 through 29 in Columbus, Indiana, schedule to be announced soon!

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