I Married the War Featured in Red Clay Magazine

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I Married the War featured in Red Clay Magazine

It’s not often your film makes it to the cover of a magazine, and we were thrilled beyond words to have I Married the War featured in the recent issue of Red Clay Magazine. This periodical is published by Khe Sanh Veterans, Inc., for the members of their organization. And yes, there’s more to the story:

Co-Producer Ken Rodgers served at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War, surviving the horrific 77-day siege of 1968. Since 2008, he and Betty have frequently attended the Khe Sanh Veterans annual reunion. This is where they were inspired to create their first documentary, Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor. With the art of film, Ken was finally able to tell his story through the voices of his comrades.

The reunions are also where Betty and Ken came to realize there was another story to tell…that of the wives and families of these veterans. The idea grew to include 11 wives from WWII through the most recent Middle East wars. Two of the Vietnam era women, Francine Jones and Terri Topmiller, are or were (respectively) married to Khe Sanh veterans. Through the 11 women’s voices and experiences, Betty was finally able to tell her story in I Married the War.

We would especially like to thank Thomas Eichler, editor of Red Clay Magazine, for his ongoing encouragement and for believing in the importance of everyone telling their stories.

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