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Film festival laurels for I Married the War









Yes, thanks to all of our loyal  supporters, I Married the War is “in the can” and being submitted to film  around the world. So far it’s been accepted by the Paris Independent Film Festival and the Hot Springs International Women’s Film Festival. What a great start!

Film festivals exist in order to showcase and praise films, and to generate buzz–publicity and popularity–for them. Festivals also feature filmmakers who win awards or have created films that really stand out. It’s a perfect environment to usher a film into the world before it is officially released, providing important early exposure.

Before the pandemic, attending festivals was one of the most beneficial activities in which a filmmaker could participate. It provided the opportunity for your film to be seen by large crowds of movie buffs and fellow filmmakers as well as others in the industry. It was also a way to stay up on the latest projects, innovations and trends in filmmaking. That synergy can be really inspiring.

This year, most film festivals will be entirely virtual or a hybrid with extremely limited seating. There are even a few that are held at drive-in theaters! Although we would have loved to attend in Paris (April 23 – 29) and Hot Springs (April 23 – 25), we are thrilled to know that I Married the War will still be a part of both festivals. We will let you know as soon as festival awards are announced and tickets are available.

The women in I Married the War and the entire production team thank you for making this possible!

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