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Meet Lou Erste who tells us why he wants to see I Married the War finished as soon as possible and distributed out to the world where it will begin helping people. Hear Lou’s heartfelt story about his own daughter who not only served in the armed forces during wartime and lives with the aftereffects of combat herself, but who also married a combat veteran who ultimately could not live with the difficulties he faced on a daily basis. In addition, Lou believes that people who don’t have family members serving our country in the military still need to understand the personal consequences of war that have a ripple effect throughout families and society as a whole.

Lou is introduced here by our esteemed associate producer Betty Plevney.¬†Betty volunteered to spearhead the current Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. We can’t thank her enough for her belief in the potential of I Married the War, and for the generous amount of time and thought she has devoted to this campaign.

Thank you for whatever support you are able to give, either financially, by sharing the news of the film and this campaign, or both. Making films is a collaborative effort, and we welcome you aboard.

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