Help Tell This Important Story of Military Caregivers

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IMTW indiegogo campaign

We are excited to announce that we have launched our crowdfunding campaign to bring I Married the War to the finish line! You can view the campaign and the perks for contributing here.

There are women across the country, like Carman Hinson, fighting for their loved ones who live with the trauma of war. Carman’s life changed forever when her husband Courtney was attached to a Green Beret team whose sole mission was to hunt down the terrorists list and liberate the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. After four deployments Courtney came home suffering from undiagnosed severe PTSD and TBIs in addition to injuries suffered in a parachute accident. “I have come to realize as his wife and caregiver,” Carman says, “that I’m not able to fix him at all. His constant survivor guilt, the effects of war, his nightmares, are always haunting him. In my experience, I’ve recognized that when a combat vet starts to withdraw and isolate themselves, bad things can start to happen. They can go into a downward spiral really fast and I knew that I had to prevent that.”

Our nation has barely begun to acknowledge the vital role that these spouses play. In I Married the War (IMTW), a documentary film which investigates the lives of eleven women like Carman, we learn how these spouses fought for their marriages, their families, and their husbands, veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. These women are known as military caregivers.

Please join us by supporting the final stages of this film’s production. IMTW has the potential to help thousands—if not millions—of spouses and family members who have experienced the aftereffects of war. We learn that war doesn’t end when the fighting stops.

Your donation will help us to complete post production, the place where the editor, music composer, audio engineer and other experts do their finishing magic to bring the story to the screen. The ITMW team will make the final trailer, produce DVDs, and prepare for film festivals. Your support is crucial to our effort to bring this film down the last mile and into the public arena.

You can make your contribution on the Indiegogo page here. If you can’t give but still want to help with this cause, please share the Indiegogo page with friends, family and colleagues. Your sharing will help us move one step closer to fostering a national dialogue and helping caregivers of veterans understand that they are not alone and help is available.

The entire IMTW team would like to thank you in advance for your support!

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