Meet Sarah Baker, Composer

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Sarah Baker, composer for I Married the War

How amazing it is to work with the person you dreamed would compose the music for your film! That’s exactly what happened when we invited Sarah Baker to join us in telling this story about the unheralded wives of combat veterans. To our delight, she responded favorably, and after patiently waiting until the editing was ready, she’s now working full-steam-ahead creating the soundtrack for I Married the War.

Not only is Sarah an accomplished composer and performer, she is also someone who puts her heart into everything she does. Soon you will hear what she hears, musically, when she listens to the 11 wives explain how the war came home with their husbands. How it never goes away. How these women have worked through the difficult times and not lost sight of their own hopes and dreams while making their husbands’ needs a priority.

How do you understand the daily lives of over 5.5 million military caregivers? By listening to their stories supported by Sarah Baker’s skillful compositions. Meet Sarah here at

And yes, she can bake!

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