Tribute to Gloria Jabaut, 1933 – 2019

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The world lost a beautiful soul yesterday. We are sad to announce the passing of Gloria Jabaut, one of the women featured in I Married the War.


Gloria was 86 and lived a fulfilling life. It was a pleasure getting to know her from the moment we met by phone, during the interview process, and during our continued friendship.


She was the matriarch of her large and warmhearted family. Her husband and one great love, Ron Jabaut, joined the US Navy and served in the Korean War. That war followed him home in ways you’ll learn about in the film. You’ll also learn about the couple’s steadfast support of each other throughout their married life.


For deeper insight into this caring and vibrant woman, here are some comments from her family:


From Granddaughter Liz Marchu, “Today my family lost our Matriarch, my Grandma Gloria. She was a strong, witty, loving, caring, spark of pure joy and life. She was a self-proclaimed 86 year-old with the mind of a 50 year-old. She loved handwritten letters, beautiful flowers and above all, she loved her family. I envision her dancing with my grandpa and watching over us as we navigate life without her.

“Please say a prayer or a kind thought for my mom and our family. Please hug your mom, call your grandparents or take them on that little trip to get that dog they have been wanting. Life can change in an instant without warning.

“Thank you Grandma for your guiding light, your inspiration, your stubbornness and your love. I will miss you always!”


From Granddaughter Analeise Guild, “Today we lost the most amazing lady in our life. Gege was our world. Every holiday and event circled around her. Most of our decisions were based on her… Tea parties, Christmas sing-alongs, 4th of July and everything in-between were held at Gege’s house…You have left an everlasting impression on every life you have touched.”


And from Gloria herself, “War and all, we had a good marriage up to the end. When Ron passed away in 2013, we had been married for 62 years. He does leave his legacy with the Korean War memorial in the San Joaquin National Cemetery for Korean War veterans from California, which he founded in 1992.”


Rest in peace, dear Gloria. We will miss you.

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  1. Mary Alice Jabaut DiBartolo
    | Reply

    Aunt Gloria is the last member of my father’s (Edward Jabaut, brother of Ron) family. I think my dad, mom, Aunt Gloria, Uncle Ron, Aunt Dorothea and Uncle Bert are up in heaven having a wonderful family reunion.

    • Betty Rodgers
      | Reply

      Thank you for commenting with this beautiful thought regarding your Aunt Gloria, your parents, and your other aunt and uncles. Please accept our deepest condolences. We are honored to have known Gloria, and to include her in this film. She fully understood the importance of giving voice to the spouses of military veterans.

    • Betty Rodgers
      | Reply

      I’m sure they are! And Gloria is organizing it!

  2. Abram marchu
    | Reply

    We will always miss our Grandma Gege. We have had so many great occasions and I will always be there. I’m grateful you’re right around the corner with Grandpa, spot 1 place 1, San Joaquin National Cemetery, Santa Nella, California.

    • Betty Rodgers
      | Reply

      Dear Abram, Thank you for writing this heartfelt comment, and for letting us know that your grandma is buried in the same spot as your Grandpa Ron. We stood in that very spot with her. She loved how you could see the Korean War Memorial from there, and was so proud that he founded the memorial. It is an everlasting tribute to the California Korean War veterans, and to your grandparents.

    • Betty Rodgers
      | Reply

      They will always be watching over the monument together. So perfect.

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