Introducing Precious R. Goodson

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Precious R. Goodson

We are honored to introduce Precious R. Goodson from Newnan, Georgia. She just gave an amazing interview for I Married the War, sharing her life as the wife and full-time caregiver of a combat veteran.

Precious is married to Leonard Goodson, who was a combat medic during the war in Afghanistan. She is a former educator, was chosen as an Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellow, and is a devoted advocate for military caregivers. We enjoyed the Goodson’s warm hospitality, which included getting acquainted with their service dogs, Duncan and Harry.

We invite you to read Precious Goodson’s bio here.¬†We are eager for you to hear her story, along with the other courageous women who have given us a window into their lives as wives of combat veterans. They have much to share about this often-overlooked segment of our society.

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3 Responses

  1. Janeen Rosenberg
    | Reply

    Send my love to Lenny and Duncan who I trained

    • Betty Rodgers
      | Reply

      We are happy to pass on your love! We think Duncan is an adorable service dog.

    • Betty Rodgers
      | Reply

      Precious and Leonard speak very highly of you, Janeen!

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