An Important Day: September 11

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Urijah, Annie and Brandon Woodard. Photo courtesy of Annie Woodard.

This update is by Annie Woodard, who, with her husband, Brandon, are the faces of I MARRIED THE WAR on all of our artwork. This family has “walked the walk.” Here is a very moving vignette from their lives, which took place last night:

TONIGHT AT DINNER, Urijah told us tomorrow is September 11. He then started to tell us why it was an important day from what he learned at school today. Rueger then chimed in with a lot of questions too. It was hard to explain and answer questions in the most kid friendly way as possible. Brandon then explained that it was that event that made him join the Army.

After more questions like, “Did you fight in a war, Dad?” Urijah’s simple, sincere response while standing next to his dad and saying, “Dad, I’m glad you joined the Army to fight the bad guys. You made a good decision.”

Tears instantly came streaming down my face.

I’m so grateful for the innocence of children and how much they can humble you.

I’m also so very grateful to all of those who serve and have served to protect our country each and every day.

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