Stepping Up

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Videographer Kevin Eslinger and Co-Producer Betty Rodgers discuss camera settings


One of the most gratifying facets of filmmaking is the number of individuals who come alongside, believe in you and the importance of your project, and step up to help with the costs.These often include friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers. This has proven true yet again for I MARRIED THE WAR, The Story of Wives of Combat Veterans.

Our recent trip to interview Sally Zepeda and Anne Jackson was funded almost entirely by kind donations from the following people. To express our thanks pales in comparison to what they helped us accomplish. Nonetheless, THANK YOU one and all for making this session possible! You will be proud of the interviews you sponsored.

Jeri Dobrowski

Jean Hegland and Douglas Fisher

Richard and Gaylene Carlton

Brian Meyer

Margo Metegrano

Norma and Jerry Jaeger

Penelope La Montagne

Trisha Nelson

Betty and Lee Plevney

Norma and Carle Goyen

Bob Casby

Carol Caldwell-Ewart

Susan Parker

Mary and Roger Engle

We are now accepting donations toward our next interview to be announced shortly. If you’d like to be a part of this important project and help us finish the next interview, please visit our “Donate” page above. We gratefully accept funding from individuals, organizations, businesses, corporations, and foundations.

We continue to apply for grant funding, so if you know a grant we should consider, please let us know immediately.


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