On the Road to Texas

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Sally Zepeda
Anne Jackson


We are heading to Texas to interview these two incredible women for I Married the War in a few days. Sally Zepeda’s husband Luis, a US Army veteran, served in the Vietnam conflict. Anne’s husband MJ, a US Air Force veteran, served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We will get to know each of these women, and learn how war and military service has impacted their lives and families, in both positive and challenging ways, and how they have held true to themselves in the process.

To learn more about Sally and Anne, please click on the “The Wives” tab above.

You can have a part in these interviews by letting us know via an email to info<at>imarriedthewar<dot>com what questions you think we should ask. What would you like to learn from these women?

Because these stories are so important and timely, we’ve pooled together every single dollar we could toward making this trip, flying our crew and equipment to Texas, and renting the necessary gear. Unfortunately it’s not quite enough, so here we are, humbly asking you to help back these two interviews. Your contribution will go directly toward the hard costs. To help, please click on the “Donate” tab above. There are several options available.

As always, thank you for your interest and support.

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  1. Gloria Jabaut
    | Reply

    Two interesting women. As usual I am sure Betty will do a great job interviewing. She has the talent to bring out so much from an individual. We may be from different areas and eras but there is just something that pulls us al together as a ‘sisterhood’. My best to all!

    • Betty Rodgers
      | Reply

      Thank you, Gloria. You are so right about the sisterhood! I can see it more with each interview, and can’t wait to share your important stories with each other and the world.

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