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Gloria Jabaut, Korean War era wife, with IMTW Co-Producer Betty Rodgers. Photo by Bill Krumm.

We are so grateful for the wonderful support we have received for I Married the War. Many of you have asked where we are now with the project and how you can help, so here’s the story.

Filming for I Married the War got off to a great start in December 2015 with an unforgettable interview with Terri Topmiller, a Vietnam era wife. This experience immediately validated the importance and relevance of this film project, which will reveal the stories of wives of combat veterans.

Terri’s interview set the stage, and from there we went on to develop the graphics, the outline, and the plan forward. Since then, we have interviewed five more women in Idaho and California with equally powerful stories: Sally Jackson, Laura Daniero Nickel, Gloria Jabaut, Anne Ohki and Carman Hinson. All of this was made possible with generous grants and donations as noted on our website (

We now have an equally exciting list of additional wives waiting to tell their stories. They live in Texas, Nebraska, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, New Jersey, Indiana, and Ohio. These women will represent the geographic and ethnic diversity essential to secure the PBS distribution we’ve been promised, and once they are filmed, we will proceed immediately to post-production and preparing the film for release. Then the premieres!

We will continue this project with first-rate video, sound recording, and editing to produce a documentary of the highest quality, equal to our previous film, Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor. We have grant applications pending that, with favorable outcomes, will help fund future interviews. However, none of these are guaranteed and the need remains.

All of this explains why we have added a “Donate” page to our website. If you share our belief in the importance of giving the wives of combat veterans a voice to be heard nationwide and even worldwide, please help support IMTW with your generous donation, grant, or sponsorship at any level. All funds will be used solely for the purpose of producing I Married the War.

We are pleased to announce that the nonprofit Boise Film Foundation has signed on to be our fiscal agent, meaning they will accept and administer your tax-deductible donation (to the extent allowed by law), in the amount of $500 or more, on behalf of I Married the War. Should you be able to join in this effort, it’s very important that you enter “IMTW” in the Notes section of your check, or the funds will not be earmarked for this film.

Donations under $500 cannot be processed by the Boise Film Foundation and, therefore, are not tax deductible. Such donations are made directly to Syringa Cinema, LLC.

In return for your generosity, we will keep you informed of our progress, include you in our list of Friends on the IMTW website (unless you wish to remain anonymous), invite you to the IMTW showings in your area when the film is released, and offer a DVD for any contributions of $50 or more. And of course, we will be eternally grateful!

We cannot express how strongly we believe in the importance of supporting greater understanding of our nation’s combat veterans and helping their wives and families with the messages of strength, resilience, and hope imparted by the women in I Married the War.

Please help us communicate these important untold stories by supporting I Married the War today.

Click on the “Donate” tab above, or

Or, you can donate right here, right now by using either of these buttons:

To donate $500 or more for a tax-deductible contribution:

To donate any amount directly to Syringa Cinema, LLC (no tax advantage to the contributor):

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