The Art of a Movie Poster

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What does it take to create an artistic look for the feel, the mood, and the sense of a documentary film? For I Married the War, we wanted something compelling that represented a woman and her husband, as well as service to our country.

To begin with, we knew exactly whose images we wanted to include. Big thanks to our willing models, Army veteran Brandon Woodard and his wife, Annie, who allowed our team to photograph them in a way that represents the challenges in addition to the love and commitment they hold dear in their marriage. The Woodards are the parents of four lively children.

The artist behind this design is our accomplished photographer, graphics designer, instructor and friend, Mike Shipman. Mike took the images of the Woodards, then working with our suggestions, added his own flair, and developed all of our materials including this website and our beautiful poster. His website can be found at this link.

We wish to thank the Idaho Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities for the grant that provided for the development phase of I Married the War and these materials. This vote of confidence demonstrated their belief in the importance of this project.

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  1. Gloria Jabaut
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    Such dedication to project! Can’t thank you a enough for your tenacity and forethought for bringing this subject forward. You have opened pages of smiles and heartaches of an ‘aside’ to many wars. God Bless!

    • kenrodgers47
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      Gloria, our dedication comes from the stories waiting to be told. We are so grateful for your inspiring interview, and we know that viewers will learn much from you, as well as the others. May the pages you refer to continue to open for the good of our society. ~ Betty

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