Our Team


Betty Rodgers

Executive Producer/Director

Co-producer Betty Rodgers comes from a long line of military veterans, and was born to a mother who appreciated and recorded their stories. In 1985, Betty married a Vietnam Veteran … Read More

Ken Rodgers

Executive Producer/Director

Co-Producer Ken Rodgers is a Marine and Vietnam Veteran who knows from firsthand experience the load of combat related issues that veterans bring home to their wives and families. Ken … Read More

Jennifer Isenhart


Writer/Producer at Wide Eye Productions in Boise, Idaho. Jennifer has ushered dozens of projects from concept, through production, to completion—from Emmy award winning documentaries, to educational children’s programs, to brand … Read More

Carol Caldwell-Ewart

Associate Producer

Carol Caldwell-Ewart is a writer and editor and long-time friend of Betty and Ken Rodgers and supporter of their creative efforts. “As Associate Producer on Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor, … Read More

Norma Jaeger

Associate Producer

“These moving, untold and unheard stories are an important part of our collective history and deserve to be shared and preserved. I am honored to be a part of this … Read More

John Nutt


  John Nutt is a sound and film editor who has to his credit over 60 feature films, including Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, and Amadeus for which he was awarded … Read More

Bill Krumm

Director of Photography

“It is often said that we’re happiest when we live in the moment. I’m lucky. Photography is all about the moment.” Bill Krumm has enjoyed a stellar career in television … Read More

Mike Shipman

Graphic Designer

Mike Shipman is a freelance photographer, writer, instructor, and designer. He has always been interested in art and science. His clients include Orvis, PDX Magazine, High Country News, AAA Magazine, … Read More