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Dougherty Family Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County

Dougherty Family Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County

Idaho Division of Veterans Services Veterans Support Fund

Jeri Dobrowski

Jean Hegland and Douglas Fisher

Richard and Gaylene Carlton

Brian Meyer

Margo Metegrano

Norma and Jerry Jaeger

Penelope La Montagne

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Betty and Lee Plevney

Norma and Carle Goyen

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Susan Parker

Mary and Roger Engle

Bruce and Francine Jones

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Donald Hosford

Michael E. O'Hara

Grove and Maggie Koger

Star Garnet Media - Robert Vestal &
Jyl Hoyt

Amanda and Mike Turner


Yes, we've completed our interviews!

And they are truly amazing. The honesty and no-holds-barred openness of the wives will result in a very powerful documentary. These women will touch hearts and change lives.

As we begin the next phase of this film, we need your help. It's time to begin editing and post-production to complete the film. We invite you to participate in this project with your donation large or small, and help us tell the story of wives of combat veterans from several conflicts in American history.

There are two ways to donate.

Contributions of $500 or more

For donations of $500 or more we are working with the Boise Film Foundation (501(c)3) to act as our non-profit fiscal sponsor to provide you with a tax deductible means of supporting our film.

To donate $500 or more directly online via PayPal (you will need to have a PayPal account or set up a free account when making the donation), please click on the button below and type in IMTW in the notes field just below the amount. The Boise Film Foundation acts as fiscal sponsor for multiple projects, so you must type in IMTW to ensure the funds are allocated to the correct project.

Donate $500+ to support I Married the War

You can also mail a check made payable to the Boise Film Foundation, with IMTW written in the notes section of the check, to:

Boise Film Foundation
2260 Parkside Drive
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Contributions of less than $500

We greatly appreciate all donations. Donations made directly to Syringa Cinema, LLC, and/or under $500 are not tax deductible. If you wish to make a direct online contribution, please follow this PayPal link. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate using this method; you may use a credit card.

Or you may mail your check payable to:

Syringa Cinema, LLC
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